AOSION® Humane Triple Protection Electronic Rodent Zapper AN-C555


Product Features:

When caught something inside the zapper, the device will come with

“Bi Bi Bi” alarm

Blinking LED light

Also when this Electronic Rodent Zapper placed on some high places, such as ceilings or high wall corners, there included a LED extension cord which could be put somewhere you could see clearly, when something have been caught, the blue light will flashing.

Application: Living room, Kitchen, Attic, Storeroom, Warehouse, Restaurant...

OEM, ODM support

Product Description:

Aosion Humane Triple Protection Electronic Rat Zapper:

• 100% ECO-Friendly
• Washable
• No harm to human or pets
• China Design Patent: ZL 2013 3 0108574.7

When you search best way to catch a rat, you might find rat glue, rat poison traps, rat bait stations, sticky rat traps, rat glue boards, best glue traps for rats, best bait for roof rats, etc... For people who have pets or kids in the house, if looking for how to get rid of rats without poison, these items would also be dangerous to them. One of the best rat traps, Electric Rat Trap would be a more humane choice. Unlike the bucket rat trap, bait boxes for rats, rat trap box, or rat trap cage you normally found in the market, the benifit of this deivce is:

1. When this Electronic Rodent Zapper placed on some high places, such as ceilings or high wall corners, there included a LED luminous extension cord, when the big rat have been electrocuted, the led light will flash..

2. Put 4XD batteries into the rat catcher, and put some best bait for rat trap inside, it will work for rat catching.

3. The humane rat trap generate electric shock the mouse five times, what kills rats instantly(most the others just once, just make the mouse dizzy, and later may run away).

4. When the upper and lower half are separated, the circuit is completely OFF. And the mice zapper will be power on after two parts totally covered.

5. This electronic zapper for rats can be cleaned safely and easily, ideal rat removal.

6. The product comes with LED extension cord, adaptor in packaging, but do not include batteries.

Product packing information:

• Model Size(Max.): 27.6X12.8X12CM
• Box Size: 28X12.5X10.2CM
• N.W: 5.0KGS
• G.W: 5.6KGS
• CTN SIZE: 40X28.8X22CM
• 20FT': 6,120PCS
• 40FT': 12,240PCS
• 40HQ: 13,890PCS


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