ME05 MEDECO Multifunction Patient Monitor

Patient Monitor
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2-TEMP, IBP, Nellcor SpO2, Masimo SpO2, Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring Module, Multi-gas (AG), EtCO2 (Main-stream/Side-stream), HDMI, Mouse/Keypad function
Thermal printer (50 mm), Central Monitoring System, Touch Screen, Trolley/Wall Mount
Pediatric / neonatal accessories: reusable NIBP cuff & SpO2 probe; disposable NIBP cuff & SpO2 probe


• 12.1' color TFT LED screen supports display 9~13 waveforms, support HDMI output
• Support 7 channel ECG waveform display simultaneously
• Newly advanced ARM A8 microcontroller, calculating speed is 4 times faster than traditional products
• Generate ID automatically when register a new patient and complete patient information management.
• Support medical history search by patient ID, name and mobile number
• Support 2160 hours trend table and graph review, 2 hours waveform review, 2000 groups NIBP review and 2000 alarm events review
• Support data control / input by mouse / keypad
• Three-level acousto-optic alarm and support alarm review.
• Multi-display mode to meet different clinical requirement, standard interface, big font, OxyCRG, trend graph,
• NIBP review and full leads ECG interface.
• 21 types of Arrhythmia analysis and real-time S-T segment analysis and pacemaker detection
• Drug calculation and titration table
• Suitable for monitoring adult, pediatric and neonatal patient.
• Support online software upgrading by net/USB
• Support wired/ wireless CMS based on TCP/IP (built-in WIFI module