Direct-Chill Remote Water Chiller RC30

Remote Water Chillers
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A remote water chiller suitable for offices and commercial installations. It can be connected to a glass filler or non-refrigerated drinking fountain. Remote chillers can either be installed directly under or placed near the glass filler, drinking fountain or other application. When used occasionally, this chiller is designed to produce approximately 30 litres of chilled water (<10 degrees celsius) per hour.

It is a direct-chill water chiller with a built-in an ice bank chilling system. By ice bank technology the chiller offers greater performance and in particular it ensures the hygiene and quality of the water which is continuously flowing and never still in the reservoir.

Dimensions: W285*D405*H413mm
Cooling capacity: 30 litres per hour
Built-in R134a compressor cooling system
Ice bank cooling system
Inlet / Outlet: 1/4" push-fit
Optimum pipe material: LLDPE (Line Low Density Poly Ethylene)
Allowed pressure: 723kPa (105psi)
Temperature control: adjustable thermostat 3-10 Deg. C (37.4-50 Deg. F)
Housing: grade 201 stainless steel
Waterways: grade 304 stainless steel