PCBN Inserts, Solid CBN

PCBN Inserts & Solid CBN
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More SuperHard PCBN inserts have excellent performance in processing gray cast iron,nodular cast iron,hardened steel and sintered metal.

Alias: Cubic Boron Nitride Inserts, cbn inserts
Application: Ferrous materials machining

PCBN inserts are compound super-hard material of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride layer and tungaten carbide sintered under ultra high pressure and high temperature.The hardness of PCBN is second only to diamond.

Advantages Of PCBN Inserts

• Strong corrosion resistant, perform a good thermal stability and red-hardness

• CBN cutting tools have properties which resist chipping and cracking and provide uniform hardness and abrasion resistance in all directions. They may outperform conventional cutting tools by as much as 50 times.

• The high chemical stability allows for PCBN to be stable up to 1000° C and no reaction with Fe, Ni, CO etc

• Cutting hard and tough Materials . CBN cutting tools are so hard that they can efficiently machine steel with hardness of Rc 45 and above

• Easy grinding and EDM cutting. Uniform surface finish, surface finishes of less than 10 micron

Applications Of PCBN Inserts:

• Machining ferrous materials. Such as gray cast, cast iron, carbon steels, quenched steel, nickel and cobalt, other kinds of ferrous metal, etc

• More SuperHard pcbn inserts are widely used in automotive, medical and aerospace machining industries