10MM Tennis Ball Hockey Field Plastic Artificial Grass For Sport Field

Artificial Tennis Grass
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Material: PE
Pile Height: 7-15mm
Color: green, blue, red and so on
10-15mm artificial grass for tennis field

Lawn Tennis is an ancient sport and warmly welcome by a large group of people who loves this stimulating sport.
But Lawn Tennis is extremely harsh to its playing grounds. The suitable grass cannot adapt to the climatic conditions of other regions. It is eco-friendly with low cost. It leads a dilemma that if you wanna play lawn tennis with a great use experience, you may have to buy a ticket to someplace where those grass are. Or paying an expensive bill to transplant and maintain those natural delicate grass. whatever ways you choose, it will waste your a large amount of money and, moreover, valuable time.


Fortunately, now we prepare Synthetic Grass for everyone who are interested in Lawn Tennis. Forget those delicate natural grass, the artificial one has a wider range of applicability and a far lower cost. It means as long as you have a broad enough field, you can play a lawn tennis game anytime with a low price. And after that, you needn't spend extra time to maintain them, I mean, artificial grass will never wither like the natural one. When you meet a terrible climate, the natural grass field must not fulfill your requirements. On the contrary, even after a torrential rain, you are still allowed to play on the artificial grass lawn. Thanks to its drainage design, all those come true.