DM6A4877 130gsm 100% Polyester Sofa Tricot Imitation Cotton Velvet Fabric

Product group Imitation Cotton Velvet Fabric
Model DM6A4877
Country of origin China
Listed on Jan 8, 2023

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Advantages of imitation cotton velvet: moisture absorption, breathability, soft feel, plump, elastic, fluffy and elegant, etc. Keep warm, not moldy, not moth-eaten, light, waterproof and many other irreplaceable excellent characteristics. Uses: It can be printed, bronzing, embossing, laminating, coating, etc. It is mostly used in the home textile market, bedding, sofa fabrics, etc.

Specification: 50Dx54D
Density: 32E
Door width: 160cm (can be customized)
Gram weight: 130gsm
Material: 100%polyester
Color: solid color bronzing (can be customized)
Craft: knitted warp knitting

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