Double Deep Reach Truck

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The double deep reach Truck is UN’s another breakthrough innovation to your warehouse.

The maximal fork carriage reach distance can reach 920mm, which provides the best solution to your double-rack system.

With support the advanced technology and high quality components, UN’s double deep reach truck provides the best operation experience and highest working efficiency.

High Performance

• Reliable AC Technology: ZAPI controller and motor provide the infinite variable drive and lift control. The brush-less AC motors offer improved efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.
• CAN bus communications network provides superior dependability.
• Shimadzu pump and valve ensures the reliability and stability of hydraulic system.
• EPS(electronic steering system): light steering, shows the driving wheel position in real-time. Automatic centering function when starts.
• Small load front wheels can be directly inserted into the bottom of the shelf for stacking operations, which improves the utilization rate of the warehouse space.

Safety& Ergonomics

• Turning automatic deceleration function to prevent the forklift from turning over when turning, making the operation safer.
• Electromagnetic braking system.
• Large-arc overhead guard, wide view during stacking operation.
• Standard seat OPS system, safer operation and maintenance.

Easy Maintenance

• Maintenance free AC Motor makes forklift release less heat and ensures higher efficiency.
• The rear door is easy to open, which is convenient for the inspection, debugging and maintenance of the whole vehicle.