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HG-Vcaps ® has low water content and is suitable for the filling of water-sensitive or low-water content contents. It has no risk of cross-linking reaction. It has stable chemical properties and is the first choice for moisture-sensitive powders.

1. Derived from natural plant sourced cellulose with performance at par with other kind of capsules.

2. Chemically stable and inert, compatible with wide range of formulations.

3. Meets functional, cultural and dietary preferences.

4. Preferred choice for moisture sensitive and hygroscopic formulations.

5. Machine friendly design ensures smooth encapsulation on semi-automatic and automatic filling machines.

Technical Support:

An unparalleled commitment to your success—and the health of your patients

Professional color matching: Provide 5 samples, which can modulate any color you need.
Free sample: A certain number of free samples can be provided for computer testing.
Printing design: Can design the typeface for you in advance and preview the printing effect.
Regular visits: Full-time staff visit regularly to provide the most comprehensive service.
Quality feedback: The quality engineer quickly answers the intractable capsule use.
Commissioning service:The mechanical engineer came to debug and solved the difficulty in using the filling machine.

• Certified Vegan
• Non-GMO
• Vegetarian Society Certification
• Halal and Kosher Certifications