Perforated TPU Foam Sheet


Perforated MTPU is microcellular TPU foam, produced using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as the composition with clean supercritical carbon dioxide as blowing agent to form a large number of microcells in the matrix.


• Light weight
• Clean and environmental friendly
• Good cushion performance
• Excellent low temperature resistance
• Good chemical resistance
• Recyclable
• Outstanding resilience
• High tensile strength

Basic Physical Properties:

Test Item: Density
Test Method: ISO845:2006
Unit: g/cm3
MTPU12: 0.12±0.015
T16: 0.14-0.18
T20: 0.18-0.22

Test Item: Hardness
Test Method: SATRA TM 205-16
Unit: Shore C
MTPU12: 23±3
T16: 27
T20: 34

Test result of mechanical properties:

Test Item: Tensile Strength
Test Method: ISO 1798:2008
Unit: MPa
MTPU12: 1.4
MTPU16: 4.0
MTPU20: 4.4

Test Item: Elongation at Break
Test Method: ISO 1798:2008
Unit: %
MTPU12: 130
MTPU16: 320
MTPU20: 360

Test Item: Method A Tear Trouser Test
Test Method: ISO 8067:2008
Unit: N/cm
MTPU12: 20
MTPU16: 42
MTPU20: 52

Test Item: Method B Tear Trouser Test
Test Method: ISO 8067:2008
Unit: N/cm
MTPU12: 90
MTPU16: 96
MTPU20: 110

Test Item: Ball Resilience
Test Method: ASTM D3574
Unit: %
MTPU12: ≥65
MTPU16: 68
MTPU20: 66

Test Item: Compression set
Test Method: ASTMD3574 50%, 6hrs@50 ℃ Ct=[(t0-tf )/t0 ]x100
Unit: %
MTPU12: 26
MTPU16: 25
MTPU20: 23

Test Item: Sun Test
Test Method: ASTM D1148
Unit: /
MTPU12: /
MTPU16: 4
MTPU20: 4

Perforated M-TPU12:
Density: 0.12 g/cm3
Hardness: 23HC

Perforated M-TPU16:
Density: 0.16g/cm3
Hardness: 27 HC

Yoga mat, shoe insole, Protective gears

Perforated M-TPU20:
Density: 0.20 g/cm3
Hardness: 34 HC
Chemical mechanical polishing pads, Camera

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