ECO Sublimation Paper

Sublimation Transfer Paper
RHT-5110, RHT-5109, RHT-5107
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In a warm world of increasingly scarce resources, it is our responsibility to make sustainable solutions. ECO sublimation transfer paper is a new-trend sublimation paper.It focuses on the concept of environmental protection, which is friendly to ecological environment.

This ECO sublimation transfer paper also features FSC certification which ensures that the company's products and processes comply with global best practices in a range of environmental, safety, and quality issues.

Cost-effective products, satisfactory overall performance. Fast drying speed, especially suitable for high-speed printing.


• Anti-curling.
• Large ink absorbing capacity and wide printing adaptability.
• Decolorization is faster and production efficiency is improved.
• Superb transfer rate, vivid image.