Inorganic Pigments
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Inorganic pigments are oxides of non-ferrous metals, or some metal insoluble metal salts.

Basic Introduction:

Inorganic pigments are oxides of non-ferrous metals or some metal insoluble metal salts. Inorganic pigments are divided into natural inorganic pigments and artificial inorganic pigments. Natural inorganic pigments are mineral pigments.

Pigments are made from natural minerals or inorganic compounds. Natural mineral pigments generally have lower purity and darker color, but they are cheap. Synthetic inorganic pigments have a complete spectrum of varieties, bright and pure colors, and strong hiding power.


Inorganic pigments have light fastness, heat resistance, weather resistance, good solvent resistance and strong hiding power, but the color spectrum is not very complete, the coloring power is low, the color brightness is poor, and some metal salts and oxides are highly toxic.


Inorganic pigments include various metal oxides, chromates, carbonates, sulfates and sulfides, such as aluminum powder, copper powder, carbon black, zinc white and titanium white, etc., all belong to the category of inorganic pigments.

Main Purpose:

Inorganic pigments are widely used in coatings, plastics, synthetic fibers, rubber, building materials, stationery, painting pigments, inks, and paper.