CBN Abrasive
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Characteristic: CBN—B1 series are black mono-crystal, irregular shape, medium strength, high thermal stability, protruding acute angle, high performance and grinding efficiency
Applications: usually used for resin bond and vitrified bond tools. By using this material, the tools have the most obvious advantages of good self-sharp ability, high grinding efficiency, and excellent grinding tool life.
Available sizes: 60/80—325/400

Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is second only to diamond in hardness, it has superior thermal and chemical stability making it ideal for high temperature applications.
CBN is a man-made Superabrasive that outperforms Diamond when used for Ferrous grinding operations.
There are hundreds of raw materials needed to use CBN to grind in present manufacturing market, from aerospace superalloys and thermal spraying to the hardened steel in automotive bearing and gear industry to improve efficiency and get the shortest processing time.

Top features are:Extreme hardness, Strength、High thermal stability、Abrasion resistance、Superior thermal & Chemical resistance.