Resin Ultra-Thin Diamond Cutting Wheels

Bond Wheels
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Resin bond ultra-thin diamond cbn cutting wheels for slotting and cutting of ceramics, carbide, magnetic materials, glass, steel and cast iron

Alias: diamond dicing blades, cut off grinding wheel
Type: 1A1, 1A1R, 3A1, 14A1, 1A8

Resin bond ultra-thin diamond cutting wheels is compound of steel plate and superabrasive work layer. The steel plate has high strength and high rigidity. They are generally used for deep cutting and grooving.


Resin bond ultra-thin diamond dicing blades mainly used for slotting and cutting of ceramics, crystal, quartz, gems, carbide, magnetic materials, electrical light wave glass tube and optical glass´╝ŤResin bond CBN cutting wheels mainly used for slotting and cutting of tool steel, mould steel, bearing steel, heat resistance steel,stainless steel and cast iron.