M55-1 Institution Stove


Institutional stove M55 is a large clean rocket stove designed for school, street restaurants, and other places to make a meal for many people. It can burn firewood, charcoal, wood pellets, and biomass briquette.
The M55 can also be used for BBQ when you removing the pot and put the two stainless steel grill.


• Multi-use. Different cookware on the stove can be for different cooking task.
• Multi-fuel. Firewood, pellet, briquette, and charcoal are available on this stove.
• High efficiency 58%. Secondary air inlet and chimney make the combustion with high efficiency.
• New design. Oblique feed inlet makes it convenient to refill the fuel without lifting the pot from the stove. The Ash drawer can control the air supply easily.


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