Poultry Farm Agricultural Machinery Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator Hatching 10000 Eggs



• Large amount of one-time incubation, saving resources. The chickens are hatched out in 21 days, short incubation time, high incubation efficiency.
• Full-automatic all-in-one machine for incubation and hatching, can incubate and hatch in batches.
• High degree of automation, low requirements for the technical ability of operators, easy to master by novices, saving labor costs.
• The intelligent control system automatically performs temperature and humidity compensation adjustments through sensor data feedback, to ensure the required temperature and humidity during the incubation process, and increase the hatching rate.

The concept originates from nature
Hatching rate above 90%

Temperature / humidity controlling in balance:
• Electric heating method, practical and cost effective
• Water refilling/stopping automatically, heated by humidifying tube, balancing the humidity.
• Imported high-accurate sensors, temperature accuracy ±0.1ºC, humidity accuracy: ±3%RH. Precise temperature and humidity control ensure the safety and health of the breeding environment at all stages. The heat is evenly transmitted to each egg by fan. 360°circulating air, small temperature difference, consistent humidity.

Ventilation is similar to natural incubation:
Better designed ventilation system, exhaust gas, intake air and forced air are separated from each other, to ensure sufficient oxygen and heat dissipation, similar to natural incubation.

The eggs are heated evenly:
Speed of chain egg-turning system is consistent and stable, no damage to the eggs. Turning eggs 45° every 90 minutes automatically and heating eggs evenly.

Sterile environment:
The UV disinfection lamp installed inside to disinfect and sterilize machine, to keep the incubation environment safe.

Much Safer:
In abnormal cases, the protection function will be automatically started, giving an alarm to remind the operator to deal with the problems in time to ensure normal incubation.
• High temperature alarm
• low temperature alarm
• high humidity alarm
• low humidity alarm
• sensor error alarm
• fan shutdown alarm

Good quality comes from every detail,
making the incubation process under control

• The frame is made out of high-strength steel plate, thickness 0.25mm, designed with insulation layer inside, more stable and durable, resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
• The stainless steel cornerite can protect 4 corners, the operator can also be protected.
• Double-layer insulated glass observation window, clear transparency, can check the incubation status easily at any time.
• Designed with four-screen displaying, can show the temperature and humidity in real time, and set the parameters by pressing the keys. easy operation, saving time and labour cost, precise control.
• Smart and itelligent control system using the Japan-imported microcomputer chips, strong anti-interference ability, high stability.
• The egg turning system is driven by a brushless permanent magnet motor, small noise, high power, turning eggs stably.
• Egg rack tolley,unique track design, easy to push and pull.
• High-quality accessories, all strictly controlled. High temperature resistant hatcher basket, professional egg tray, humidification basin, temperature-controlled fan,exhaust fan, rocker type egg rack structure.
• Under abnormal cases, the protection mode will be automatically activated, giving an alarm to remind the operato to handle the problem timely, and ensure the incubation process safe.
• Including: High temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, high humidity alarm, low humidity alarm, sensor error alarm, fan shutdown alarm

Operating Principle:
Incubator is a machine that uses bionics theory and automatic control technology to provide suitable conditions for egg embryo incubation, to obtain a large number of high-quality chicks. Equipped with a fully intelligent microcomputer control system, automatic temperature control, automatic humidity control,automatic egg turning, automatic air exchange, and automatic alarm, which provide a suitable incubation environment for eggs ateach stage, achieve high hatching quality and high hatching rate.

Machine shipping entirely, no installation needed.
Before shipping, our machine is wrapped with a layer of foam, and then reinforced with a triangular iron frame to prevent damage to the machine caused by collision during transportation.


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