Vibration Shaker Table

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Our vibration shake table consists mainly of all-round, rugged, high-quality shakers, energy-efficient solid-state power amplifiers, and precise digital vibration controllers, ideally suited to any vibration tests requiring high reliability such as MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS, spec.

With a wide frequency range, high acceleration and large displacement, it can match different sizes of fixtures and head expander, horizontal slip table and test chamber to meet different test standards.

Vibration Shaker Table Application:

A vibration shaker table is a device used to excite a structure during vibration testing, either for durability testing or modal testing. Vibration tables are used to perform various types of testing, from general component vibration testing to structural vibration testing and even dynamic sensor calibration.

It is suitable for R&D, quality control, and manufacturing in various industries such as electronics, batteries, electromechanical, batteries, optoelectronics, automobiles, military industries, ….. and other industries.


• Adopts the imported technology
• Customized table mounting patterns are available
• High acceleration, low distortion, strong load capability
• Vibration control systems for sine/ random/ shock/ mixed mode
• Remote control, air-spring support
• Suitable for matching with a head expander, slip table, and temperature controlling the chamber


Q. Can you test all our test conditions before shipment?
Yes,we are very happy to provide you with testing services before shipment.

Q. Can you provide customized test tables or fixtures?
Customized tables and fixtures are supported, please tell us your specific requirements

Q. Our Power supply is 415V,50Hz, can the same be catered ?
Before arranging production, we will confirm the power requirements with you and provide suitable power and plugs

Q. Does the quotation include a controller?
The quotation we provide is for the complete set of equipment (including vibration shaker, power amplifier, controller, accelerometer,cooling blower, etc.), except for other requirements from customers

Q. What spare parts do we need to prepare? Do you keep them in stock?
According to customer feedback, we do not recommend customers to purchase extra spare parts, because our equipment generally has a service life of more than 10 years, and we have always kept a stock of parts in order to provide them to customers in time.

Q. What kind of environment is necessary for your vibration test machine?
We will provide site planning requirements based on the equipment you choose, but there is no need to build foundations for general equipment.


VS1001, VS3001, VS6002, VS1000-2/3, VS2000-2/3/4, VS3000-2/3/4, VS4000-2/3/4, VS5000-2/3/4
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