Mechanical Shock Test Machine

Available from Linko Test Equipment Co., Ltd.China


Mechanical shock tests accurately measure the fragility of products and evaluate how they respond to particular shock inputs. Shock test data is key information to ensure any product is capable of withstanding its intended “ real environment’’ use.

Whether you wish to perform a complete Damage Boundary Product Fragility Assessment, an industry/ mil standard shock pulse, or a company-specific test specification, We are available with the performance to meet your application. Shock Test Systems are used to test the consumer, battery, medical, military, and aerospace products, and components.

Mechanical Shock Test Machine Application:

Mechanical shock test machine is specialized for performing half-sine, trapezoidal and sawtooth shock pulse waveforms by simplifying the programmer system. This is the simplest model in our Shock Test Machine series.

Table size range from 200mm ~ to 2000 mm. STS series is applicable for computer parts, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, displays, household appliances, mobile products, optical components, connectors, batteries, etc


• High Reproducibility
• Easy Maintenance for Long Term Usage
• Easy-to-Use Test Settings
• Simple Setting by Simple Construction
• Superior shock pads with long service life
• With shock pulse, programmers generate short and long-duration half-sine shock pulses
• Dual Mass Shock Amplifiers to generate extremely high acceleration levels (10,000g+)

ST20, ST30, ST40, ST60, ST80, ST120
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