Drop Tester for Mobile Products

Available from Linko Test Equipment Co., Ltd.China


Drop tester for mobile products is a standard model of drop tester that provides accurate drop tests with a unique drop mechanism for smartphones, cell phones and other mobile products. The specimen holding system retains the dropping posture of specimens, enabling it to provide drop tests superior in reproducibility.

Drop Tester for Mobile Products Features:

• This machine adopts AC variable-frequency and variable-speed motor plus synchronous pulley for adjusting drop height range, which is durable.
• This machine adopts a color LCD touch panel plus PLC for motion control and set, by which drop cycles can be reset and power-off memory function is provided; all control parameters will be set via the touch panel: drop, reset, height resetting, number of drops and account etc.;
• The operator just needs to input the size of the product to be subject to drop test via the screen only: Length L, Width W, Thickness T, Diagonal Interval DI; so that the test can auto raise up to the set drop height for testing;
• After the drop finishes, the fixture block will automatically return to the set sucking height (generally, at a height of 600~800mm).
• 4 corners, 8 edges, 2 faces, 2 sides can be set to drop and impact on base, if the product is not in regular shape, we can make the clamping fixture for the test.
• The product will be released at a height of around 300mm, that can make sure the impact gesture of the product is on the base.
• The drop bases: steel plate, marble board, wood board.

Linkotest in Brief:

• Enjoy best cost and good reputation
• Provide drop testing machines for hundreds of well-known enterprises and laboratories
• 22 Years of manufacturing & customizing drop tester for mobile products for reliability testing industry
• All drop tester are provided with 1 year warranty
• Low maintenance and up to 15 years of service life