Laser PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor with Compact Structure

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Laser PM2.5 Sensor Factory: Laser PM2.5 Air Quality Sensors, Low Power Consumption, Compact Structure, DC 5±0.5V, Ripple<50mV, MTTF≥30000 Hours.

Features & Specifications:


• Standard TTL serial port data output
• Low power consumption
• Principle of laser scattering
• Continuous and real-time detection
• Detect particles as small as 0.3μm
• Laser anti-attenuation & constant brightness function
• Compact structure
• Hexahedral metal shielding

Application Environments:

• Air Purifier
• Fresh Air System
• Air Conditioner
• Car Air Purifier
• Air Quality Detector
• Environmental Monitoring
• Handheld Air Quality Detector

Specification Parameters:

Measurement Type: PM2.5
Measurement Range: 0-1000μg/m3
Measurement Consistency: ≥100μg/m3: ±10%; <100μg/m3: ±10μg/m3
Measurement Accuracy (Reference Standard: TSI 8530): ≥100μg/m3: ±10%; <100μg/m3: ±10μg/m3
Data Interface: UART TTL, 9600 bps
Inlet and Outlet: Front
Power Supply: DC 5±0.5V, Ripple<50mV
Working Condition: Temp: -15-60℃; Humidity: 0-90% RH
Storage Condition: Temp: -30-70℃; Humidity: 0-90% RH
Weight: 26g
Size: 48mm x 37mm x 12mm
MTTF: ≥30000H (Intermittent Mode: Intermittent Operation)

Product Classification:

PN: PS5308A
Range (μg/m3): 0-1000
Product Type: PM2.5
Packing Specification: 70 pcs/layer, 6 layers/ctn
L*W*H (mm): 510*295*295