Compact Infrared Particle Sensor with Built-in MCU



Infrared Particle Sensor Supplier: Compact Infrared Dust Sensors for Particle Monitoring, Lighting Scattering, Built-in MCU, Electromagnetic Shielding.

Features & Specifications:


• Built-in MCU
• Infrared lighting scattering principle
• Stable detection performance
• Effective defection of low concentrations (below 100μg/m3)
• Electromagnetic shielding design
• Good anti-interference
• High precision
• Low power consumption
• Short response time
• Unique particle recognition and mass concentration algorithm
• Full range temperature compensation algorithm
• Front window structure, for easy cleaning and maintaining

Application Environments:

• Air Purifier
• Fresh Air System
• Air Conditioner
• Car Air Purifier
• Air Quality Detector
• Environmental Monitoring
• Handheld Air Quality Detector

Specification Parameters:

Measurement Range: 0-500μg/m3
Detection Accuracy: ±30% or ±30μg/m3
Galvanic Preheating Time: 60s(Start-up Settling Time)
Data Interface: UART TTL, 9600 bps
Working Voltage: DC 5±0.5V, Ripple<50mV
Working Current: ≤120mA
Working Condition: Temp: -10-50℃; Humidity: 0-90% RH
Storage Condition: Temp: -20-60℃; Humidity: 0-90% RH
Size: 59mm x 45mm x 20mm
MTTF: ≥5 years

Product Classification:

PN: PS53014
Range (μg/m3): 0-500
Product Type: PM2.5
Packing Speci: fication: 35 pcs/box, 12 boxes/ctn
L*W*H (mm): 510*295*295


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