Eucalorie® (Tributyrin Powder 45%, 60%, 65%, 70%)

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Horwath applied for the invention patent of ‘Application of Tributyrin as Feed Additive’ in 2003, which was authorized in 2006. Special line production of Tributyrin with no cross infection.

Product Parameters:

Tributyrin (also named as Glyceryl tributyrate; Glycerol tributyrate; Glyceryl tributyrate; propane-1,2,3-trityl tributanoate), is a kind of short-chain fatty acid ester.

CAS RN: 60-01-5
EINECS No.: 200-451-5
Formular: C15H26O6
FW: 302.36
Appearance: It is a white powder with a slightly fat aroma.
Solubility: soluble in ethanol, chloroform and ether, hardly soluble in water ( 0.010 % ).
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Package: 25KG/ Bag
Storage: Sealed at dry and ventilated places

Tributyrin is a triglyceride containing three butyrate molecules esterified to glycerol, which augments butyrate concentrations after hydrolyzation by pancreatic lipases.

Characteristics of Tributyrin:

The new generation of a butyrate-glycerol ester of butyric acid.
100% bypass stomach.
Delivering butyric acids into the small intestine, no need to be coated.
Naturally, be found in milk and honey.

Comparison Between Tributyrin & Butyrate Salt:

The half-life of butyric acid is 6 minutes. Butyrate is difficult to reach other tissues and organs outside the intestine administered in the form of butyric acid or butyrate. However the half-life of tributyrin is 40min, and the plasma concentration of butyrate can be maintained above 0.1mM for 0.5-4h by oral.

Mechanism & Features:

Energy Supplier:

As well known,butyric acid is a short-chain fatty acid that is the main energy source of intestinal epithelial cells. More than 70% of the energy for the growth of intestinal epithelial cells is provided by butyric acid. However, tributyrin provides the highest gut-releasing butyric acid value compared with other butyrate products.

Gut Protection:

• Tributyrin promotes the proliferation and differentiation of intestinal mucosal epithelial cells, repairs damaged mucosa and expands the surface area for absorbing nutrients.
• Tributyrin promotes the expression of tight junction proteins in the gut, maintains tight junctions between cells, prevents macromolecules such as bacteria and toxins from entering the body, and maintains the physical barrier function of the gut.
• Tributyrin promotes the secretion of mucin (Muc) and strengthens the intestinal chemical barrier function.

Survival Rate Improved:

Tributyrin promotes the synthesis of hemoglobin, improves oxygen-carrying ability, strengthens the endogenous life support system and mitochondria functions, and accelerates the synthesis of ATP, the energy substance that drives the life activity, to improve the survival rate of animals.

Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacteria:

• By inhibiting the activity of NF-Kb, TNF-α, and TLR, Tributyrin could alleviate the inflammatory damage.
• Tributyrin promotes the expression of endogenous defense peptides, which can resist pathogens and viruses broadly.

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