EssoGut (Cinnamon Oil, Thyme Oil)

Active Element of Plant
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Product details

The plant's natural defense weapon, the concentrated essence of plants.

EssoGut is a new technology product acting on the main pathogenic bacteria of digestive tract and respiratory tract of livestock and poultry, developed by the advanced multi-layer envelop technology,and includes the selection of natural plant essential oil for food, the screening of bacteriostatic effect, multiple compound compatibility tests and the determination of biomarker gene, etc. EssoGut can effectively inhibit the growth of various pathogens, and easily enhance mucosal immune function through intestinal mucosa, and significantly promote the expression of intestinal aquaporin gene (AQP8) and defensin gene (pBD-1), which is highly effective in improving animal disease and diarrhea resistance.

Product Parameters:

Main Ingredients: Cinnamon Oil , Thyme Oil
Carrier: Silica
Appearance: White to yellow fluidity fine particles with natural plant aroma.
Shelf life: 24 Months
Storage: Sealed at dry and ventilated places
Package: 20KG/Barrel (high density paper barrel)

Function of EssoGut:

1. It has obvious inhibitory effects on salmonella, escherichia coli, gas-producing clostridium perfringens, intracellular Lawson and mycoplasma.
2. The antibacterial effect in vivo is better than that of antibiotics. Long-term addition does not damage the animal's autoimmune system.
3. Activate the natural immune system of intestinal mucosa and enhance the disease resistance of livestock and poultry;
4. Inhibit the oxidation reaction of free radicals in the body and has significant antioxidant effect;
5. Promote the secretion of livestock and poultry growth factors and the expression of beneficial genes.

Product Advantages:

• The growth performance of animals is significantly improved, and the effect of substituting antibiotics is obvious.
• Adopt multi-layer envelop technology to eliminate the adsorption loss of feed raw materials.
• Cooperate with various natural essential oils to give full play to the maximum potential of the product.
• No residue, no drug resistance, nocompatibility contraindication, meeting the needs of green feed production.