HT650 Aerogel Blanket for Heat Thermal Insulation

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HT650 Series is a series of flexible and highly efficient insulation blankets in which silica aerogel is composite with fibers, Perfect for the insulation in pipes, tanks, vessels, and other applications.

HT650 Series is the ideal option for those in need of better insulation performance and lower energy consumption.

Silica Aerogel Blanekt is the lowest thermal conductivity ≤0.021W/m.k of any present-recognized solid, with this super nano-granule, HT650 Series is a flexible, environmentally- friendly easy-handled insulation material that makes it the leading product in the industry.

HT650 was an Aerogel insulation blanket with fiberglass, similar to Pyrogel XT and Spaceloft ( mainly used for the hot &heat insulation and building insulation, working temperature from -200ºC to 650ºC), the thermal conductivity from 0.017-0.023 W/m.k

Model: HT650
Color: Maroon, White, Grey, Black
Thickness: 3mm / 5mm / 6mm / 10 mm
Roll Size: 10mm: Width 1500mm x 30m, 6mm: Width 1500mm x 38m, 5mm: Width 1500mm x 42m, 3mm: Width 1500mm x 45m
Hydrophobic: Yes
Use of Temperature: -200ºC - 650ºC
25ºC Thermal Conductivity W/(m·K): 0.017 ~0.023 W/(m·K)
OEM: Yes
ODM: Yes, cut into sheet, round, composite with 3M Brand adhesive, etc.

Application advantages of HT650 Aerogel Blanket for Heat Thermal Insulation

1. Superior Insulation Performance
2~5 times better than traditional insulation products with longer service life

2. Reduced Insulation Thickness
For the same insulation performance, just take a portion of the thickness of traditional material

3. Hydrophobicity and Fire-proof
Repel water from penetrating into pipes, equipment, A1 rating of fire-proof

4. Easy Handling
Lightweight, easily cut and sewn to fit different shapes of pipes and equipment, Less labor for installation

5. Transportation Costs Savings
Lower packing volume and lower weight can greatly cut down logistics costs