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Huatao Aerogel Panel HTP1000 series of aerogel plates are a series of rigid nanopores Diameter sheet, designed for flat, square, in construction, equipment and other fields And there is thermal insulation required by mechanical strength. Silica aerogel is the most widely known thermal conductivity in solids. Low substance. Huatao Aerogel Panel HTP1000 series aerogel plates use the latest nano Technology, combining silica aerogel with fiber to make it It is the leading product in the insulation industry. Huatao Aerogel Panel HTP1000 series has ultra-low thermal conductivity Number, environmental safety, ease of use and hydrophobicity have become the search Customers who prefer better insulation.

Advantage of HTP1000 Aerogel Panel Board:

1. Excellent insulation effect
The insulation effect is 2-5 times better than traditional insulation materials and has a longer life. Du To the same insulation effect, the thickness is only a fraction of the thickness of traditional materials.

2. Water repellency and breathability
Prevent liquid water from coming into contact with the surface of the equipment, but it can pass through steam.

3. Easy operation
Easy to cut into various shapes to suit different insulation requirements, when needed for installation Less and less manpower.

4. Save transportation costs
Less usage and packaging volume can significantly reduce logistics costs.

5. Inorganic environmental protection
The material as a whole is inorganic, and the waste material can be landfilled.