1100G PVDF Ultra-White Blue Light Film

PVC Architectural Membrane
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Product details

Product ingredients: PVC high-strength polyester industrial filament
Base cloth parameters: 1000D, 1300D, 1500D etc.
width: 3.0M
Tensile Strength: 5000N, 6000N, 7000N,
Weight: 900G, 1050G, 1200G, 1300g, 1500g
Standard length: 50M / 100M
Service life: At least 15 years in the right environment
Processing methods: Sewing, Hot melt, Hot air and high frequency welding
Temperature applicable range: -40°C- 70°C
surface: Double-sided acrylic table or double-sided PVDF table


It is waterproof, and has the characteristics of high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, easy washing and folding, etc.; good elasticity, flame retardant, and light weight;
This product should avoid hitting sharp metal quick mouths during use;
If the product is damaged during use, it can be repaired with glue;
It can meet environmental protection standards, does not contain 8 heavy metals and toxic substances such as phthalates, and can be exported to Europe, America and other countries.

Product Usage:

Membrane structure, landscape membrane, parking shed, membrane structure carport, park membrane, tensile membrane, swimming pool membrane structure, membrane structure sketches, membrane structure stand, sewage plant membrane structure cover, membrane structure roof and other membrane structure projects