Digital Gaussian Meter GS-100DAH

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Used for measuring the magnetic induction intensity of DC magnetic field, AC magnetic field, radiation magnetic field, remanence magnetic field, earth magnetic field, and other magnetic fields.


• Portable, wide range.
• Easy to operate, clear LIQUID crystal display.
• There are measurement/peak retention, mT/Gs unit conversion.
• 200mT/2000mT range conversion, etc.


The tension sensor is based on Hall's principle.The circuit uses a low drift amplifier and a high stable power supply, controlled by a single chip microcomputer, and displays the measured values on a 41/2LCD.


Measuring range: 0~200mT~2000mT
Frequency range: 1-400HZ
The accuracy of: DC,1%/AC,1%,1-400HZ (measured in a uniform magnetic field)
Resolution: DC×1:0.00~200.00mT 0.01mT, DC×10:0.0~2000.00mT 0.1mT, AC×1:0.00~200.00mT 0.01mT, AC×10:0.0~2000.00mT 0.1mT
Magnetic field under test: Dc magnetic field (static magnetic field), Ac magnetic field (dynamic magnetic field)
Functional specifications: Peak retention Gs(Gauss) /mT (Millitesla) can be switched freely
Dc polarity of measurement: N for positive, S for negative
Operating Conditions: 5℃~40℃
Relative humidity: 20%~80%(There is no dew)
Power supply: 4x1.5v AAA (UM-4) Battery
Overall dimensions: 140mm (L) X73mm (W) X 30mm (H)
Instrument weight: 180g
Display mode: 4 1 / 2 LCD
According to the unit: mT/Gs
Standard Accessories: Main engine (one), Hall sensor (one), Operating Instructions (one copy)