High Quality GDLEGEND UV Offset Printing Ink

Offset Printing Ink
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1.High gloss and density of color.
2.Fast drying, stability on printing press.
3.Rich layering,good reappearance of half-tones
4.Water abd rub resistance.
5.Conforming to the standard of EN71-3,RoHS.
6.Eco-friendly ink for oddset printing , soy based ink , contain more that 25% of soy oil and other plant oil , high technology to make high stability.

Test Method:

Viscosity(S.M.): measured by Spread -0-meter(10 sec.)
Tackiness Value (T.V.): measured by Ink-0-meter at 400 r.p.m./30℃
Flow (SR value): measured by Spread -0-meter (⊿10-100 sec.)
Gloss Value: measured by Gloss meter at 60 ℃ angle
Particle Size: measured by Grinding gauge (N.P.L.R.I)
Drying Time: drying time on glass (press)and on paper / 25℃