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Printing Consumable
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Product description

1.Blended polymer surface, micro-textured printing
2.Quick release, good ink affinity and resiliency
3.A stable based

Used for:

Sheet-fed offset, offset printing,Waterless printing. (Very good)
Packaging, Metal decoration. (Good)


1. Low dot gain
2. Best contrast values
3. Outstanding results in solid and half-tone printing
4. Offset printing blanket

Color: Sapphire blue
Construction: 3ply Textile carcass
Type: Compressible Layer
Bottom Layer: Water/solvent Sealed
Surface Finish: Ground and Polish
Micro Hardness: 65+/- 3IRHD
Stretch: ≤1.0%
Nominal Thicknes: 1.95mm
Blanket Hardness: 78-80
Tensile Strength: >3200N/5cm
Roughness RZ (mm): '+/-0.02mm
Surface roughness: 0.6-1.0
.0Application: Sheet-fed
INK: Conventional