Gasoline Chainsaw Fumai FMCS580

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The FUMAI gas-powered chainsaw is the best option for heavy-duty tree cutting. Construction businesses, landscapers, loggers, and homeowners use the growling monsters to get the job done. Chainsaws powered by gas provide a powerful but portable cutting solution capable of extensive tress cutting. They come in many shapes and sizes, from lightweight versions to heavy-duty saws.
Chainsaws powered by gas are potent instruments that are beneficial for various tasks. It is also helpful for cutting through wood rapidly—a must-have for comprehensive do-it-yourself projects that require a long-lasting and robust tool. An automated oiler and anti-vibration systems are just two of the many features that make this product stand out from the competition.
A gasoline-powered chainsaw features a pull-start mechanism and a two-cycle engine that runs on a combination of gasoline and oil. You may either mix your gas or buy it pre-mixed. You can count on our sales staff to handle any requests you may have. Send us a message right now!


Engine Model: 1E45F-1
Ignition: CDI
Engine type: single cylinder,two stroke,air cooled
Carburetor: Diaphragm type
Fuel Mixture Ratio: 25:1
Start mode: recoil hand pull start
Displacement: 58CC
Guide Bar: 20″/22″
Max power: 2.4kW/8500rpm
Chain pitch: 3/8″
Max torque: 2.8N.m/6500rpm
Chain gauge: 0.058″
Idle speed: 3000±200rpm
G.W: 8Kg
Max speed: 11500±300rpm
N.W: 6.9Kg
Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
Packing size: 58cm*27cm*30cm
Oil tank capacity: 260ml