XLPE Insulated Wire 125℃ EV

XLPE Insulated Wire 125℃
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Product description

▪ 28AWG~120mm²,stranded or solid
▪ Bare copper or tin-plated copper wire
▪ Insulation:Extruded XLPO or XLPE
▪ Temperature range:-40~125℃
▪ Rated voltage:600V/1500V


▪ Shielding (optional): bare copper / tinned copper wire braided + aluminum foil wrapping.
▪ Colour:red / yellow / blue / white / black / yellow green / brown, etc.
(Two-color insulation/ Surface marking)
▪ RoHS Compliant


▪ Excellent electrical insulation properties.
▪ Halogen-free, good environmental protection.
▪ Good mechanical properties and good wear resistance.
▪ Passed a single vertical combustion test, has good flame retardancy.
▪ Good heat resistance, long-term working temperature can reach 125 ℃.
▪ Excellent low temperature toughness, and has passed the low temperature bending test of -40 ℃.
▪ Strong acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance.
▪ The combustion releases water and CO2, less harm to the environment and conforms to the modern fire safety request.


The products are widely used in electrical wiring harnesses, sensing lines, PTC thermistors, coating equipment, automotive internal connection lines, motors, lighting fixtures, electronic appliances, voltage cabinets, high-voltage motors, and other fields.

The Production standards comply with ISO 6722; QC/T 1037; LV 216 etc.

LV 216 specifies cable design, dimensions, etc
Customer requirements for the basic properties of silicone rubber: Tensile strength > 8 MPa Elongation > 300% Hardness 55-70 ShA
Class E(180 ° C hybrid) and Class F(200 ° C) require silicone rubber
Class E
Tear Strength ISO 34-1 B > 15 N/mm
Long-term aging of cable 180℃*3000 hours
Class F
Long-term aging of cable 200℃*3000 hours
Tear Strength ISO 34-1 B > 10 N/mm