Fused Cast AZS Block


Fused cast AZS 33 block:

This block can adopt four methods, include PT QX ZWS WS , ZrO2 content is 33%.

Fused cast AZS 33 block have features of erosion resisting of glass metal, the high temperature of exudation from glass phase, the low outgassing index, and not poliuting the glass metal, it is furnace building material of the walls, parapet, chauffeur, and surfacing at the bottom of tank of kinescope glass, plate glass, electronic glass, domestics glass, and hollow glass ware.

Fused cast AZS 36 block:

Fused cast AZS 36 block adopts methods of ZWS and WS, ZrO2 contents is above 36%.

This series of brick is particularly high erosion-resisting of glass metal and low pollution. Its function about this two parts are balance.

Fused cast AZS 36 block is used in the part that directly connected to glass metal in glass tank, such as, the wall of melting tank, the discharge hole, feed inlet and so on.

Fused cast AZS 41 block:

Fused cast AZS 41 block adopts methods of WS, and the ZrO2 content is above 41%.

There are not shrinkage cavities in this series of brick with well distributed inner structure. It is extremely high erosion-resisting of glass metal and the low pollution for glass metal, It is proper to be used in the parts that demand particularly high erosion-resisting, such as electric-melting tank, the turning of feed inlet, and the parts of formation of bumps and dog hole.


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