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Stolle handles the two major methods of producing 2-piece food cans – Drawn & Ironed (D&I) and Draw-Redraw (DRD). Stolle’s years of experience with both production methods means that we can supply the most efficient and productive machinery regardless of the type, shape or volume of food cans you need to produce.

• The D&I method produces round food cans in higher production volumes in heights from 5.12” to 6.00” and diameters from 202 to 307. The D&I method is also used to make 2-piece Aerosol cans which have several advantages over traditional 3-piece aerosol cans.

• The DRD method can produce round or non-round cans and other drawn products in a wide variety of heights and diameters in lower volumes with more economical machinery.

D&I Food Can Line

Cupping System:

Quality 2-piece can bodies begin with quality cups, and Stolle cupping systems produce the highest quality cups with maximum speed, reliability and material efficiency.
The Stolle Triton cupper is the most widely used and trusted cupping system in can plants around the world. It features a reliable 150-ton double action press, and optional magnetic die clamping make cupping die changeovers faster and easier.

DWI Bodymakers:

Standun: Stolle Standun and Ragsdale Bodymakers lead the industry in the production of two-piece DWI can bodies.
Standuns can be found in more can plants than any other bodymaker machines. These specialized horizontal presses are engineered to maintain the extremely close tolerances required in finished can bodies, and are ruggedly built to deliver a quality product day after day. Standun Bodymakers are available in a range of stroke lengths and tool pack sizes for producing aluminum and steel can bodies in sizes from small juice cans to tall aluminum bottle preforms and 2-piece aerosol cans.

Ragsdale: Stolle Standun and Ragsdale Bodymakers lead the industry in the production of two-piece DWI can bodies.
The Ragsdale has a long history of reliability and precision, which is why they are the preferred bodymaker of so many canmakers. Available in five stroke lengths with production speeds from 225 to 375 cans per minute, the Stolle Ragsdale® bodymaker produces aluminum and steel beverage or food can bodies with superior accuracy and productivity. Features include an improved fluid bearing ram, the Diamond Linkage to assure accurate ram travel, and a servo cup feed and can unloader.

Coolant Filtration System:

The Stolle Coolant Filtration System can process up to 660 gallons of coolant per minute to accommodate up to 20 bodymaker machines. It features two carbon steel pressure vessels with advanced design, high flow filter cartridges that feature a cleaning cycle of about 30 minutes from depressurization to restart. The system is designed as a modular package incorporating coolant reservoirs, filters, pumps and controls, all mounted on a smaller footprint base for economical transport and easier installation.

Stolle Trimmer:

The Stolle Trimmer features an updated design that trims DWI cans and bottle preforms in sizes up to 10” high with stationary can pads and trimming heads that move the knives to the cans. Keeping the can bottoms in the alignment to the bodymaker domer allows simpler and more reliable crossover trackwork, and the sliding base design allows the 3 trimming heads to be easily repositioned for different can heights with no change parts needed.

Optimus Can Washer:

The Optimus Can Washer thoroughly cleans and treats the surface of aluminum or steel beverage can bodies upon discharge by the bodymakers/trimmers. The multi-stage machine has wash, rinse and treat sections, and can be custom-built with other sections and features. The Washer has a number of water, chemical and energy saving features, and is solidly constructed of premium materials for long service and easy maintenance.

Optimus Can Dryer:

Designed to mate on the discharge end of an Optimus or other make of can washer, the Optimus Can Dryer completely and efficiently dries cans with heated forced air. It features a suction-type impingement recirculating air system which allows for a high heat transfer rate, while maintaining can stability via vacuum throughout the heating zone. The results are a compact drying package with reduced dwell times, reduced operating temperatures and smaller overall footprint.

Inside Spray System:

Stolle inside spray systems apply a coating to the inside surface of two-piece can bodies at high speed and with maximum production efficiency. Stolle offers 2 models that feature Reynolds inside spray technology: the DG-250 (dual gun) has two spray guns to coat the inside of the can, while the TG-350 has a third gun to spray the can dome. Designed primarily for steel cans, the TG-350 passes cans to a vacuum turret wheel that holds the can in place for the dome spray, limiting potential can damage and overspray.

Internal Bake Oven:

The Stolle InterCure Oven cures the internal water-based coating of 2-piece beverage cans after they are discharged by the Inside Spray Machines. The oven also finishes curing the ink and varnish on the exterior of the cans resulting in fully cured cans that are ready for the final steps of production. The InterCure Oven features a 3-zone configuration (plus an optional cooling zone) that allows for full flexibility in the curing process, next generation gas burners that reduce energy consumption, and has superior temperature uniformity of +/- 2° C.

Light Leak Testers:

Stolle Randolph and Reynolds light testers can detect pinholes as small as .002” and cracked flanges as small as .015”, and are designed for continuous production with minimal maintenance. New innovations offer improved efficiency and increased line speeds of up to 2400 cans per minute, depending upon the light tester model and can size. RT6 testers feature vacuum can handling and LT series testers have starwheel can handling, and the RT6, LT-12 and LT-16 models are available with an integrated, customer-supplied, inside vision inspection system.

Can Conveying Systems:

Stolle designs, manufactures and commissions conveying systems for each step in the can line.
These conveyors include cup discharge air tables, recirculation cup systems, bodymaker infeed sweeps, trimmer discharge tracks and wet can conveyors, washer infeeds, washer discharge turnover units, bright can bi-directional accumulation conveyors, decorator infeeds, spray infeeds, spray discharge and IBO infeeds, necker infeeds and discharges, vacuum transfer units and mechanical conveying for finished cans. All Stolle Conveying Systems products are custom-engineered and are built with the highest quality materials for long life and reliable operation in a can line environment. Stolle also provides conveying systems for 3-piece cans, can ends, PET containers, magnetic conveyors and elevators, as well as conveyors for specialized food processing applications.

Draw-Redraw Container Systems:

Stolle designs and builds customized Draw-Redraw systems for any type of 2-piece food can, as well as other types of drawn containers such as aerosol cans, oil filter casings, propane cylinders, battery casings, etc. Stolle high volume two and three-press and low volume one-press DRD systems are designed to produce maximum strength containers from reduced gauge material in coil or sheet, including pre-printed sheet stock. Our systems can produce shallow or deep drawn, straight or tapered wall, or reduced sidewall containers that range from 200 in diameter to 507 in height. Both the cupping and redraw die sets are designed for fast changeover for converting to other can sizes with minimal downtime.

Stolle D&I Aerosol Can Systems:

In addition to machinery for 2-piece food cans, Stolle can also supply machinery or a complete production line to produce 2-piece drawn & ironed aerosol cans. 2-piece D&I aerosol cans are lighter in weight and can be produced and decorated at higher production speeds. In 2018, Stolle built and commissioned the world's first high speed production line for 2-piece aluminum aerosol cans for a major canmaker in the USA.

Individual machines include Cupping Systems, Bodymakers, Trimmers, Coolant Filtration Systems, Can Washers and Dryers, Basecoaters and Decorators, Pin Ovens, Inside Spray Systems, and Internal Bake Ovens. Stolle Global Systems will also work with other machinery suppliers to provide a complete production line built to the customer's unique specifications.

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