Lab Hot Melt Extruder

Category Lab Small Extruder
Brand Harket
Country of origin China

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Lab twin screw extruder is maily for mixing and compounding in polymer processing and has expanded into other applications for new material development. The extruder offers a high level of process flexibility, more control of process parameters, and can produce a wider range of products. Being a continuous mixing process where a base matrix and multiple additives are transformed into a new compound, extrusion has benefits for multiple products beyond traditional polymer processing such as producing bio-based packaging materials;foods,flavors etc.

Main features:

• Closely inter meshing screw profile with screws.Very easy to clean.
• Modular building-block system for screw elements.
• Barrel in“Clamp-shell”design,Each barrel one temperature zone for optimal processing
• User-friendly PLC control panel.


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