SRC-800 Mobile Robot Controller

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As an entry-level controller, SRC-800 supports various navigation modes to meet the requirements of various application scenarios and can be used to build different types of mobile robots. In the non-navigation field, SRC-800 can also be used to control the elevator, charging pile, automatic door and other infrastructure of smart factory, realizing one-stop service for smart factory.

• Whole plant control, not only AMR
It can not only build different types of mobile robots, but also control elevators, charging piles, automatic doors, traffic lights, elevators, stackers and other infrastructure in the smart factory.

• Although the volume is small, the interface is still rich
In a mini size of 172*115*33mm, it retains the unique rich interface of our company. One-button Power ON/OFF, multi-port Ethernet switch, built-in gyroscope, built-in temperature and humidity sensor, manual charging detection, battery communication interface, supporting 10 DIs, 10 DOs, multi-channel isolation CAN bus, RS485 bus interface.

• Deployment is faster than you can imagine
Unified deployment of all plant facilities, truly provide one-stop solutions for intelligent factories.

• Lower power consumption and higher performance
Less than 12W power consumption, longer standby time; ARM processor meet more complex scenarios. Dual-band Wi-Fi supports fast roaming; NB-IOT module (Optional) meet various networking requirements.

• Stable operation under extreme temperature
Operating temperature: -30℃~+55℃| Storage temperature: -40℃~+70℃