Automated Guided Vehicles in Warehouse AMB-J


AMB-J Automated Guided Vehicles in Warehouse(Auto Mobile Base-Jack,Jacking Robots) are a series of latent jack-up handling robots based on laser SLAM, with loads covering 150kg, 300kg. This agv automated guided vehicle can identify various shelves and drill into it for jacking. Compared with AMB series, AMB-J series has a smaller size, a lower chassis height after the integrated jacking mechanism and is SEER brand-new industrial design.

• Brand new industrial design
Continuing the simple style of AMB series, modular design, easy disassembly, easy maintenance, one person can disassemble and assemble.

• Smaller and more flexible
After integrating the jacking module, the length and width are smaller than that of the AMB series, and the narrow aisles can be shuttled freely. At the same time, the height of the whole machine is only 260mm, which supports more low-rise shelves.

• Multiple protection, more secure
Front and rear dual lasers, two-way drilling shelves are more calm; safe edge, more protection.

• Faster and more efficient
The battery supports fast charging, meeting the needs of 24h uninterrupted operation.

• Intelligent algorithm, better understand the scene
Shelf identification and correction, high dynamic environment positioning and navigation, slip detection and correction, secondary precise positioning, hybrid navigation, automatic following, fifth-order Bezier path.


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