Self-Propagating Ceramic Steel Pipe

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Self-Propagating ceramic steel pipe is manufactured by the high-tech production process-from Self-propagating. Self-Propagating ceramic steel pipe and elbow create a new generation of abrasion and corrosion resistant engineering pipeline. The Self-Propagating ceramic steel pipes are composed of three layers: ceramic, intermediate, and steel layers. Self-propagating ceramic steel pipe create a new generation of abrasion and corrosion resistant engineering pipeline. The self-propagating ceramic steel pipe has very good wear resistance, Excellent corrosion resistance and Excellent thermal resistance performance.

Because the composite pipe is with the characteristics of high steel strength, good toughness, impact resistance, good weldability and corundum high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low steel overcome hardness, poor wear resistance and toughness of ceramic poor characteristics.

Why is the corundum ceramic lined wear-resistant pipe super wear-resistant?

Corundum ceramic pipes are qualitatively different from traditional wear-resistant cast stone pipes, wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipes, and bimetallic composite pipes. The outer layer of the corundum ceramic wear-resistant pipe is a seamless steel pipe, and the inner layer is a special corundum ceramic layer. The Rockwell hardness (HAR) of this corundum layer is ≥90, and the Mohs hardness reaches grade 9, second only to diamond and silicon carbide. It is an ideal and economical wear-resistant material, which can replace expensive stainless steel tubes, titanium tubes, etc. , greatly reducing the project cost.

Fluid pipeline transportation is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials, machinery and other industries. When the materials with high abrasiveness (such as ash, coal powder, mineral concentrate, tailings cement, etc.) are transported in the pipeline, there is a problem that the pipeline wears quickly, especially the elbow wears quickly; When there is a strong corrosive gas, liquid or solid, there is a problem that the pipeline is corroded and quickly destroyed; when the material with high temperature is transported in the pipeline, there is a problem that the use of heat-resistant steel pipe is very expensive. With the introduction of corundum ceramic wear-resistant pipes, these problems have been solved easily.

The corundum ceramic layer is dense α-type aluminum oxide, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali corrosion resistance, seawater corrosion resistance and anti-scaling. Aluminum oxide is a neutral oxide, its acid resistance is 96-98%, its properties are very stable, and it has no chemical reaction with acid, alkali and salt. And under the long-term action of natural environment such as light, heat and oxygen, there is no aging problem. It has been determined that the corrosion resistance of corundum ceramic tube is ten times higher than that of stainless steel. In chemical, petrochemical and other industries, it is an ideal corrosion-resistant pipeline material for conveying various acids, alkalis, salts and other corrosive gases and liquids with strong corrosion.

The composite pipe has good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock, weldability and good overall performance. Wear and corrosion pipeline ideal particulate materials, grinding, and other corrosive media. As the tube with wear, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, it can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical and other industries as transport sand, stone, coal, ash, molten aluminum and other materials grinding particles and corrosive media, is an ideal abrasion resistant pipes.

Metallurgy, electric power industry, transport coal, ash, mud, lime gypsum slurry, etc. annually consumes a lot of metal pipes. Ceramic composite pipes can replace other channels with high wear resistance, long life, easy installation, with significant economic benefits of features, and the operating life of a pipe or even several times more than ten times. In addition, Ceramic composite tube is light weight, appropriate price, and good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, because the service life is long, the hanger costs, handling, installation, and operation cost is reduced because of long service life.

Main properties of ceramic lined pipe:

Content of Alumina: ≥95%
Density: ≥3.5 g/cm3
Rockwell Hardness: ≥80 HRA
Impact Strength: ≥850 Mpa
Bending Strength: ≥290MPa
Breaking Temper: ≥4.8MPa·m1/2
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion: 20W/m.K


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