Hook Type Automatic Shot Blasting Machine For Oil Tank Propane Tank

Hook Shot Blast Machine
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Hanger Shot Blasting Machine is mainly used to clean and strengthen the surface of steel structural parts, casting parts, aluminum alloy parts and other spare parts.
It’s widely used in forging industry, forging machinery, iron and steel industry.

Pass Through Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine is suitable for bulk of large pieces of machinery and steel structure to make surface cleaning and blasting strengthen to remove the welding slags and surface oxide; it also used for surface cleaning and strengthening for heat-treated pieces; and it's used for fear, gear shaft, engine connecting rod, diaphragm spring, cannonball inner shell and other parts surface descaling after heat-treating to make the surface of work pieces to reach the color of silver-gray, and eliminate stress, improve surface adhesion of the coating; increase the surface stress, improve fatigue strength to reach the aim of blasting strengthen.

Technology Parameter(Customized is available):
We will recommend you the right machine according to the work piece and your requirement.

These Type of Machines consist of under mentioned Parts:

1. Main Blast Cabinet with inspection Door.
2. Blast Wheel Units with Drive Mechanism.
3. Abrasive circulation unit.
4. Bucket Elevator unit.
5. Abrasive Separation/Cleaning system with Storage Hopper
6. Dust Collector with Cleaning Mechanism.
7. Roller Conveyor system at Inlet & Outlet Side.
8. Control Panel with PLC Control System.