Mineral Water Filling Bottling Machine, 600 ml, 18000 BPH

Water Bottling Machine
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Key Specifications / Features:

1. The capacity is 18000 bottles per hour
2. 3 In 1: washing filling capping
2. Fully automatic
3. Stainless steel
4. Separated control cabinet (touch screen, PLC)
5. CE, SGS, ISO 9001
6. Easy to operate and maintain

The whole water plant includes water treatment, water filling and capping machines, labeling machines, and packing machines.

The capacity according to the pet bottle volume:

600ml-18000 BPH

1000ml-12000 BPH

1500ml-9000 BPH

2000ml-8000 BPH

The water filling machine adopts advanced technology and a large number of new technology, new process and new structure. It has top quality. To better achieve the three processes: washing, filling, sealing, all the parts of the equipment that contact with liquid are made of imported stainless steel and wear resistance and ozone proof materials. With standards of food sanitation, stable and reliable property, low failure rate, fully automatic control and satisfying after-sales service, this kind of machine is popular among foreign and domestic customers. In addition, it is ideal equipment for different kinds of beverage manufacturing enterprises.