HPEG-2400 Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Polyether Monomer


HPEG is a kind of main raw material (polycarboxylate ether monomer) for producing high performance water reducing type and slump retention type polycarboxylate superplasticizer, it is produced with methallyl alcohol and ethylene epoxide as main raw material.

Product Detail:

Polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducer has good comprehensive technical performance advantages and environmental protection characteristics, which meets the needs of modern concrete engineering. Therefore, polycarboxylic acid based high-performance water reducer is gradually becoming the preferred admixture for preparing high-performance concrete.

Compared with the traditional concrete water reducer, like Lignosulphonate based water reducer, Sulphonated naphthalene water reducer(SNF), JLY series Polycarboxylate superplasticizer has the outstanding advantage as below:

1. Low dosage
2. Excellent water reducing rate over 30%
3. Obvious reinforcement on Concrete strength
4. Good compatibility with Cement
5. Superior performance on Concrete slump retention
6. Eco-friendly water reducing agent, No pollution during production.

Chemical formula:

• CH2=C(CH3)CH2O(CH2CH2O)nH, n=10~60
• HPEG-2400 is a polyoxyethylene methallyl ether with molecular weight 2400.It’s produced by methallyl alcohol and ethylene epoxide as main raw material.

Product Characteristicis:

• This product is the main raw material for high performance polycarboxylate superplasticizer
• The water reducer from this material(HPEG-2400) has superior dispersibility, low dosage, high water reducing rate, high adhesive force, good reinforcing effects.
• The water reducer from this material has high durability,can efficiently reduce the water/gel ratio, enhance durability, reduce risk of shrinkage and creep.
• HPEG-2400 is non-toxic, non-corrosion, good water solubility.
• The water reducer from this material is environment friendly, corrosive free to steel bar, comply with the ISO 14000 international environment protection management standard.

Recommended For:

PCE made from HPEG-2400 can be used to produce high performance, high strength commercial concrete at work site or long-distant convey.

Technical Parameter:

Item: Standard
Appearance (25±1℃): White or light yellow flaky solid
(1% water/Aqueous solution): 5.0-7.0
Unsaturation (mmol/g): ≥0.38
Moisture content %: 0.2 Max.
Hydroxyl Value mg KOH/g: 23.5±2.0
Double Bond Retention %: ≥96%


It is non-toxic, nonflammable and can be shipped as general chemicals. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep away from fire or any kind of heat source. Stored separately with oxidants and strong acids and alkali in cool and ventilated place.


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