Cooling Agent WS-23 (CAS No: 51115-67-4)

Cooling Agent Series
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Aliases: N,2,3-Trimethyl-2-isopropylbutamide
Molecular formula: C10H21NO
Molecular weight: 171.28
Appearance: White crystalline solid
Odor: Mild cooling, slight menthol odor (almost odorless).
Purity: ≥99%
Melting Point: 58ºC-61ºC
Flash Point: 132°C
Solubility: PG/VG soluble; water insoluble
EINECS No.: 256-974-4
FEMA number: 3804
Shelf Life: 3 years if properly stored
Storage:Store in cool and dry place; keep away from strong light and heat
(MUI)Halal status: Certified
(SHC)Halal status: Certified
Kosher status: Certified

1. Product use:It is used for Daily,toothpaste, oral products, air freshener, skin cream, shaving cream, shampoo,sunscreen, shower cream.
2. Product use:It is used for Food,confectionery products, chocolate, dairy produce, beer, distilled spirit, beverage,Chewing Gum.
3. Product use:It is used for Medicine,linctus, diminish inflammation ointment, dyspepsia, antipruritic, liniment, oral cavity,acesodyne, heatstroke pill.
4. Product use: cigarette, filter tip, and other tobacco, it also can be used for driving insects.