Common Round Steel Wire Nails, for General Construction Purpose

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• Q195 polished bright common wire nails, mild steel material, round shank, checkered cap, for constructions fastening uses
• Size 1 inch to 6 inch Common Nails, made from 45# steel, low carbon steel or ss, for waterproof asphalt shingle roofing structure construction, packing in 25kg boxes.
• Umbrella Head Wire Nails White (electo galv.): 3.40x80 mm, Diamond Point, for Brick and Masonry Construction

Finish: Galvanized steel or stainless steel
Head and Shank Types: Countersunk, checkered or plain head; diamond point, round shank, polished.

Length: 1/2" - 8"
Diameter of the shank: 0.90 to 6.50mm, BWG4-20 for all kinds of round nails.
Standards nail length:10mm-200mm
Surface treatment: Polished or electro galvanized
A.Small plastic bag and small box of 1kg, 2.5kg, 3kg, 5kg
B.In carton or bag of 25kgs/20kgs/50lbs, palletized.
C. In wooden cases of 112lbs consisting of 16 packets x 7lbs net each.

Uses: Mainly for structure construction, building construction, packing and furniture making and carpentry.

Product Variety:
Flat head Iron Nails / Carpentry Nails:
Material: Carbon steel
Head type: Flat head
Size: 1/2"-6" (3/4'' x17BWG,18BWG, 1'' X 15BWG ,16BWG,1-1/2'' X 14BWG,13BWG, 2''X 12BWG ,11BWG, 2 -1/2'' X 11BWG, 3'' X 10BWG, 4'' X 7BWG, 8BWG, 5'' X 7BWG,6BWG 6'' X 6BWG ,5 BWG 7'' X 5 BWG 8'' X 5 BWG).
Finish: Electric galvanized, phosphated
Shank type: Smooth / twisted shank wire nails
Packing: 1kg/box, 25boxes/carton; or 25kg bulked in carton with or without pallet

Common Nails for Roof and Building Construction ( Wood Shingle Roofing Nails ):
Shank Diameter: BWG16-BWG6, smooth
Length: 25-120mm or 18mm-150mm
Material: Carbon steel / stainless
Surface Finish: Polish Bright
Head: Round and flat
Package: 25kgs;
30kgs or 50kgs/gunny bag others according to your request
Application: Mainly for building construction, packing and furniture, fixing asbestos shingle and plastic shingle, asphalt, and other building materials
Shank type: Twisted spiral or smooth

Collated Nails / Common Nails with Collated Paper Strips:
Mostly used as roofing nails. It is made for quick uses and high efficiency works on the decking or flooring constructions. Normally the wire nails are hot dipped galvanized or copper plated to enhance the corrosion resistance and beautiful outlook. The collating angles of the nails can be different: 34 degree, 28, 21, 17 degree.
28 Angle Round Head Smooth Shank Collated Nails, suitable for roofing, wood construction, door and window frames, furniture frames, case construction. Nails Diameter:0.113"-0.131" , Nails Length: 2"-3-1/2", Collating Angle: 28 degree

Common Round Nails Coiled for Framing Uses:
Flat /Convex coil
Shank Types: Smooth, Screw, Ring
Coating: Electric Galv, Mech Galv, Hot Dipped Galv
Size: 2.1mm diameter up to 3.33mm
Length: 19mm to 100mm
Material: Q235 or C1045 hardened


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