SDLG Wheel Loader Control Mechanism 4110003122

Available from Duratech Industrial Group LimitedHong Kong


Payment Type: T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union,D/P
Incoterm: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FCA
Min. Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
Transportation: Ocean, Land, Air
Applicable brand: SDLG

Product Attributes:
Model No.: 91-003-122
Brand: SDLG
Status: New
Suitable For: SDLG LG953/L953/L946
OE Reference Number: 4110003122

Packaging & Delivery:
Selling Units: Piece/Pieces

Product Description:
Control Mechanism 4110003122
Suitable for SDLG Wheel Loader LG953/L953/L946
CATEGORY: SDLG Wheel Loader parts; Transmission Parts

ORTEC is well-received for its persistant commitment to quality, and supplies a complete range of genuine and OEM parts for SDLG WHEEL LOADERS, excavators, graders, rollers, etc.

What are in ORTEC’s range?

Full range of spare parts suitable for off-highway dump trucks (or nicknamed widebody mining trucks) under brands like LGMG, TONLY, XCMG, SANY, Weichai.

Full range of spare parts suitable for construction equipment (earthmover equipment in particular) of major Chinese manufacturers like SDLG, XCMG, SANY, LIUGONG.

Why choose ORTEC?

ORTEC Never Compromise On Quality:

ORTEC applies a set of quality control indicators that are higher than those of the OEM suppliers. It ensures each part it supplies is of equal or higher quality than those came with the machines.

Quick Response and Earliest Delivery:

ORTEC maintains a big inventory (currently over 190,000 SKUs) and has built a powerful supply chain that get orders ready for delivery at the earlies time.

Good Packaging:

ORTEC attaches great importance to packaging and makes sure each part it supplies is properly packed and well protected before being delivered.

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ORTEC also provide the spare parts for:

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SDLG grader : G9138 G9165 G9180 G9190 G9200 G9220
Brake Shoe 29100008081 Filter Insert 29100000061 Filter Insert 29100001051 Filter Insert 4110002108001
Air Filter Insert 29100004061 Filter Insert 4110000189006
Fuel Filter 4110000589016
Air Filter Insert 4110000991027
Air Filter Insert 4110001016004
Fuel Filter Insert 4110000562065
Air Filter Insert 4110000507007 Filter Insert 4110001060122
Oil Filter 4110000038125 Filter Insert 4110001026085
Fuel Filter Kit 2030900065
Oil Filter 4110000566003 Filter Insert 4110000589001
Fuel Filter 7200002385
Fuel Filter 4110000054305
Oil Filter 4110000556209 Filter Insert 7200000462
2nd shaft 29170036971
Bucket Tooth 29170100361
Installation Kit 29170100351
Installation Kit 29170025421
Cutting Edge 29170057911
Cutting Edge 29170036681
Cutting Edge 29170010091
Cutting Edge 29170039971
Cutting Edge 29170050271
Cutting Edge 29170036941
Cutting Edge 29170042361
Wear Plate 29170045101
Bucket Tooth 29170042881
Protecting Plate 29170039951
Bucket Tooth 29170039961
Bucket Tooth 29170042361Y
Ware plate 29170039941
Bucket Tooth 29170039941C
Bucket Tooth 29170045111
Bucket Tooth 29170036961
Bucket Tooth 29170036981
Bucket Tooth 4110000677001
Engine Oil filter 4110000677002
Fuel Filter 4120000721001
Oil returning filter 4120000723001
Pilot filter 4120002321001
Pilot filter 4110000787007
Fuel Filter 4110000322002
Air filter 4110000322001
Air Filter 4120000761
Hydraulic Fluid Filter 11211212 Filter 4190002205006
Air Filter 4190000173001 Filter Insert 4110000697002
Air Filter Insert 4190001358 Filter 4190002014 Filter 4110000697003
Air Filter Insert 4110000988048
Oil Filter 4110000509335
Fuel Filter Insert 11211213
Hydraulic Fluid Filter 11211360
Hydraulic Fluid Filter 11211189
Hydraulic Fluid Filter 11214252 Filter 4110000679001
Air Filter Insert 11211156 Filter 11211170 Filter 4110000679002
Air Filter Insert 11210987 Filter 11210241
Air Filter 4110000727085
Oil Filter 4110000727162
Fuel Filter Insert 11211149 Filter 11211150 Filter Insert 4110000763001
Air Filter Insert 4110000763002
Air Filter Insert 11214515
Oil Filter 11214514
Oil Filter 11214500
Fuel Filter 11214482
Hydraulic Fluid Filter 11214484 Filter Cartridge 11210238
Primary Filter 4110001764002 Filter Insert 4110001764001 Filter Insert 11214497
Venting 11217142 Filter Insert 11218232 Filter Insert 11217115 Filter Insert 26180000742
Adapter 4190001830
Bucket Tooth 4190001801
Bucket Tooth 4190001802
Bucket Tooth 11211886
Tooth Adapter 11213342
Tooth 11210651
Adapter 11210652
Tooth 11211888
Tooth Adapter 11211887
Tooth 11214734
Tooth Adapter


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