Series 1322 High-End Manual Tile Cutter With Aluminium Base Plate And Double Guide

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1. Cutting thickness: 0-20mm
2. The left side is equipped with a graduated aluminium support for smooth tile placement
3. The right side is equipped with a graduated aluminium edge beam to make the cut more precise.
4. Fitted with a 45° angle setter.
5. Die-cast aluminium front stand with 45° positioning function.
6. Ishii's own split press plate for breaking bricks in any position.
7. Use of linear bearings for smooth and easy cutting.
8. Penstock knife holder, adjustable knife wheel position up and down, can be applied to more tiles.
9. Strengthened and thickened double-layer aluminium base plate, not easy to deformation, more durable life
10. Green light precision guide, brighter and more accurate
11. Ishii's own research of 10,000 meters knife wheel
12. Equipped with lubricating pot to increase the life of the knife wheel
13. Equipped with anti-collision spring