1050 Series Aluminum Strip For Transformer Winding

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The chemical composition of 1050 Series Aluminum Strip For transformer Winding is Al99.5%, which has high conductivity and low price, and has become an indispensable material for power transformers.

The transformer 1050 aluminum foil can be used not only for low voltage dry type transformers, but also for oil immersed transformers and high voltage transformers.

The electrical conductivity of the 1050 aluminium foil strip is up to 61.0-63.0%, which meets the national standard and can meet the requirements of transformers winding under different voltages and frequencies.

The main advantages of 1050 aluminum foil strip for transformer winding are as follows:

• The surface quality of the foil is high and the conductivity is good
• After annealing, the elongation of the foil can reach 1% or more
• The shape of the foil is good, the thickness tolerance is small, the width tolerance is ± 0.2mm, and the thickness control can be controlled below ± 5 microns
• The annealed foil has good plasticity and can be stretched into a cylindrical shape without cracks during winding