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Medical air plant is used to meet the medical air and surgical air needs in hospitals. It is used to provide medical-surgical air supply in operating rooms, intensive care units and areas where medical-surgical air is needed. The materials that make up the Central Medical Air Plant are as follows:


Filter Group

Compressed Air Tank

• Desiccant Dryer Unit

• Automatic Electrical Control Panel

• 4-7 Bar Regulator Group

• Connection Elements

Compressor capacity m3/h

25, 35, 39, 49, 66, 99, 135, 156, 186, 216, 246

Tank Capacity (lt)

500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000

FIlter System

Air,Oil,Active Carbon antibacterial filter

Regulator Group

• 4-7 Bar Regulator Group (by-pass system)