Glass Anti-Stain & Interleaving Powder BOST-NPPU1

Anti-Stain Interleaving Powder
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Product description

BOST-NPPU1 is a kind mixture of micro-balls with moderate hardness and a variety of glass anti-stain and fresh-keeping materials, products sprayed on the glass surface to extend anti-stain rate and prevent the glass surface from being scratched, it could be easily washed away by water, suitable for float glass production lines and glass processing.

Technical Parameters:

Product: White powder
Aqueous solution pH (1%): 2.0~4.5 (dissolved in purified water with a pH of 7.0)
Water content (%): < 0.5%
Angle of repose: < 40°
Anti-stain performance: By used at 0.4 g/m2 , the lifetimes of glass durabilities will be twice or more of the standard test time.
Anti-scratch performance: Meet the JC/T1008-2018 standard.

Particle distribution:

Main particle size 100 mesh (150μm)
+60 mesh (250 μm) <15%
+200 mesh (74 μm) >70%
-200 mesh (74 μm) <20%

Usage amount:

Powders recommended coverage:
Summer 0.4 - 0.6g/m2
Winter 0.3 - 0.5 g/ m2

Measurement methods:

For the measurement of the surface coverage, please refer to the documents provided by our company.

Operational requirements:

The surface temperature of the sprayed glass is required to be less than 80 ° C, and be careful to prevent slippage when leaking.

For detailed safety advice, please read our BOST-NPPU1 Material Safety Data Sheet.