Glass Interleaving Powder BOST-MP01

Category Interleaving Powder
Model BOST-MP01
Country of origin China

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BOST (Shenzhen) New Material Co Ltd
No.1 Eastern Industrial Park, Shatian Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City, Guangdong, P.R.China 516269
Established 2000


BOST-MP01 is a moderately hard insulating material, tiny spheres sprayed on the surface of Low-E glass to prevent scratches between coated glass. The material does not cause any corrosion to the film on the Low-E glass. The gap between the sheets is similar to the thickness of the paper. The separation powder can be removed with a soft brush or swept away with compressed air. It can also be easily washed off by water. It is applied to the isolation pad of the online Low-E glass sheet.

Technical parameter:

Product: white powder
Ph value: 7 + 0.5
Water content (%): <0.5%
Size: 150 m main diameter
+40 (420 m) 0
-200 (74 m) <5%


Recommended coverage: 0.1g-0.2g/m2;
Optional coverage: 0.05g-0.3g/m2.

Measuring method:

To measure the coverage of the surface, we can refer to the document provided by our company.

Operating requirements:

The sprayed glass surface temperature requirements are below 80 degrees centigrade.

Pay attention to skid when leaking.


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