Glass Anti-Stain Coating Agent BOST-HL01


BOST-HL01 is a white powder compound which has several kind of anti-stain material, dissolved in purified water, then form the glass anti-stain coating. And then spray and coated on the glass surface. it could delay and prevent the glass stain, and easily cleaned by water.


Product: white or light yellow powder
pH value (WT%, 1% when): 3.0 ± 0.5
Bulk density: about 1.2 Kg / L
Anti-mildew properties: when the amount of use is 0.1 g / m2, the moldy time is twice or more of moldy basis time.(performance standards JC / T1008-2018).
Anti-scratch properties: no anti-scratch function.

Using Method:

1. In accordance with the BOST-HL01 0.8% to 2% by weight concentration dissolved in pure water to form a liquid glass mold.
2. Liquid evenly spraying mildew or brush or roller to the surface of the glass (float glass only on the surface);
3. Drying the surface of the glass.

Operating Requirements:

When the operation uses BOST-HL01, recommended to wear anti-acid gloves and glasses, detailed Security Advisory Please read our material safety data sheets provided.

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