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The North Teaching Aids R&D Center has ingeniously built a high-quality platform for "production, teaching and research" in the field of smart cars, providing hundreds of secondary and higher vocational colleges with a full set of customized solutions for training rooms, free teacher training, a full set of textbooks, supporting online courses, cutting-edge facilities and equipment and other services. Invested in the construction of a new energy vehicle experience center, which has become an automobile science education base. 5G has come, and technology is used to make the complex world simpler.

The working process of the fuel cell, the working principle of hydrogen and oxygen pressurized mixing, the voltage output of the fuel cell, and the heat dissipation process of the fuel cell. Fuel cell dynamic data stream output.

Hydrogen vehicles, as the name suggests, are vehicles that use hydrogen as an energy source, and convert the chemical energy generated by the hydrogen reaction into mechanical energy to propel the vehicle.