Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Teaching Training Platform

Vehicle Anatomy
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Composition: Mercedes-Benz car, vehicle fault setting and detection system, platform operating system, multimedia display system, etc.


1. Model size: 4622/1796/1454mm
2. Maximum twist: 200nm
3. Engine: Direct injection 4-cylinder engine

Training contents:

1. It is possible to set the faults of 12 major systems of the whole vehicle, each system can be set to 32X4 faults, and the whole vehicle can be set to 12X32X4 faults.
2. Analyze the circuit system of the whole vehicle, so that students can fully understand the relationship and principle between each circuit, and visually display the voltage, current, data flow and other real vehicle data of the vehicle electrical components.
3. Partial cutting can enable students to intuitively understand the internal structure of the car, the location of the components, and the actual state of the vehicle in operation.